Tea Time (Poem-A-Day Challenge Day 14)

tea time


Tea Time

It’s almost like a ritual.
Before work,
when I have cramps,
or before I sleep,
I have a cup of tea.

In the morning,
I drink English Breakfast
with brown sugar or maple syrup.
Recently, I added lemon juice
and it tastes like Heaven,

I don’t sweeten my chamomile,
but sometimes I do add grapefruit juice.
It smells like daisies and tastes subtle
Soothes my uneasy stomach
and helps me to sleep.

When I need something that smells nice,
I go for green
Either jasmine or mint
depending on my mood
No sweetening necessary.

Making tea is an exercise in patience
Boiling the water, adding sweetener
waiting for the mixture to cool.
Whenever I make tea of any kind,
time slows down to a crawl.