Having an Attitude of Gratitude: Gratitude Bible Study Day 1


From the Heart of Mary Women’s Fellowship:

It’s easy to feel grateful when things are going well, but we really need gratitude when our lives are chaotic and messy, when we feel like there is no hope, because gratitude gives us something to hope for. Through gratitude, we find the hope for a better future because we already have good things in our lives in spite of the hardships that we suffer.


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Get A Catholic Bible Study and Study Journal For Absolutely Free!




A few months ago, I started contributing Bible study meditations to the Heart of Mary Women’s Fellowship, a Catholic Bible study site for women. Not only do they have free Bible studies, but all Bible studies from the upcoming one onward will come with a free study journal!

For the first time, I got to write my very own Bible study! My study on 1st Peter starts July 13th, which is incidentally my half-birthday.

A sneak preview:

Many people have this misconception that having a life in faith is easy, borderline childish, naive, and stupid. In reality, life as a Christian is a constant challenge. For one thing, God constantly pushes us outside of our comfort zones and asks us change. Most of us don’t like to change unless we feel that it’s absolutely necessary. But as C.S. Lewis said ““I didn’t go to religion to make me happy. I always knew a bottle of port would do that. If you want a religion to make you feel really comfortable, I certainly don’t recommend Christianity.”

1 Peter could be considered a short guide to living a Christ-filled life.

I also have an accompanying playlist for my 1st Peter study on Spotify. Just click on the Spotify link here to follow it!

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His Mercy Is Over All His Works

My latest contribution to the Heart of Mary Women’s Fellowship contemplates Psalms 145: 9 and Matthew 11: 28 

An excerpt:

Compassion and mercy are often affiliated with each other because it takes an understanding of suffering and a desire to alleviate one’s suffering in order to be merciful. It’s not always easy, obviously. More often than not, we get angry and make snap judgments. Sometimes, compassion and mercy are the furthest thing from our minds. But the key here is sympathy, having the ability to understand another person. Once we put ourselves into someone else’s shoes, having compassion and mercy for them becomes a bit easier.

I also talk a little about my relationship history and how God taught me to forgive others through His great mercy.

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