Cirque D'Etoiles: A Spoken Word Poem




All things tend towards chaos

Life is the tightrope we walk to avoid it



Death arrives like the ricochet from a cannon’s blast

Throwing everything off-kilter

Down into the black without a safety net

Death doesn’t discriminate between the sinners and the saints

Every life shines and fades as quickly as a meteorite in the sky

Millions of meteorites fall everyday,

yet supernovas are the ones that shake us up

We can understand the death of an old, worn out star

Yet when other stars die out, especially in quick succession,

it throws the universe off-balance

more than the deaths of little comets and meteorites

Is it just the succession?

The confusing juxtaposition between the end of one life

and the continuation of another?

The stars are supposed to be constant

yet they fall and they fade and they die

and nobody understands,

nobody explains why.

Maybe it’s not the fault in our stars

that throws us off our tightropes

Maybe each supernova

reminds us that we’re each a little infinity

and some infinities are bigger than other infinities

Stars fall and fade and die

but each supernova gives birth to something new

With each piece from the fallen stars,

we create an order out of the chaos

embracing the infinite

No safety net is needed

because our hearts are our wings

Love, the fuel that propels us to fly

You can take the stars out of the sky

but you can never take the sky itself

With love, we send a kiss out to the stars

Creating tiny pieces of light that shine in the dark


Lent Day 4: Falling In Love With The Process

As with many others of my generation, I am an Instagram addict. I was browsing my feed and saw this quote:

Typography by me. Background credit to @texturegraphy on Instagram.

Typography by me. Background credit to @texturegraphy on Instagram.

I’m the kind of person who loves the end results more than the process of getting there, but as soon as I saw this quote I immediately thought about Lent and all that happens during the season.

People begin Lent with an end goal in mind. Ideally, most people start with the hopes of becoming better by the time Easter comes around than how they were when Lent started. Some overzealous Christians and Catholics try to push themselves to extremes in the hopes of making the best sacrifice. Then there’s the other extreme of people treating Lent like a 12-step program and give up a small thing without really thinking much of it. They become too focused on the sacrifices they make to remember what Lent is really about: having a closer relationship with God.

Catholic Contrast goes into detail about these extremes on his video:

Lent isn’t a 12-step program or a time to go to extremes in God’s name. Lent is supposed to be a time of balance, or at least regaining that sense of balance. It’s also a time of process. And like with all processes, we won’t see the results right away. But have faith that the results will come. Til then, use Lent as a time to ask God to help you regain a sense of balance, to grow deeper in your faith, and to fall deeper in love with God Himself.