Grateful and Generous: Tobit Bible Study Day 10

grateful and generous

From Heart of Mary Women’s Fellowship:

Have you ever wanted to repay a friend for their kindness by giving them something in return? I often try to make an effort to remember my friends’ birthdays without checking Facebook and send them some kind of gift, even if it’s just a birthday greeting or a nice picture. There are many ways to show your friends gratitude for the things they’ve done for you. First, figure out your love language and then figure out which love language your friends would respond to the most. It’ll definitely help when it comes time to get them a present!

Raphael chooses to show his gratitude to Tobias and Tobit by giving them some advice. He reminds them to give gratitude to God, to keep doing good, especially through prayer and fasting, and to be generous through almsgiving.

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How Exactly Can I Give Alms When I'm Broke?

Like many 20-somethings these days, I have a problem finding the means of getting a steady income these days. 

Days like this I’m thankful for the Rice Bowl. 

Although I’m still searching for a steady job, I still get an allowance and plenty of times where a little spare change comes into my life. The wonderful thing about the Rice Bowl is that a little change can go a long way. You don’t have to follow the calendar or give $40 even though this year, the box is suggesting as much. 

There are a lot of other opportunities to give alms. My dad and I often buy a food bank package at the local grocery store. The register also advertises donations to various charities such as the Wounded Warrior Project. My brother sometimes donates to that.

But another thing you can give to God is your time.


You say that there’s no way you can make time for God?

I will share this awesome video from Blimey Cow that will invalidate your argument: 

For me, I give my alms by using my writing as a form of service. I’m currently working on a series of Bible study meditations that I’ll be sharing here in a few months. You might have also noticed that I’ve been blogging a lot more here. You can use time to serve your parish or to volunteer somewhere or to do something extra for your family. You can also spend that time in prayer.

How long should I pray for, you ask?

“Every one of us needs half an hour of prayer a day, except when we are busy-then we need an hour”,  St. Francis de Sales

You can offer your mornings or evenings and pray the Liturgy of the Hours. Or you can spend an hour in Adoration. All of these I think are great ways to offer your time back to the God who created time.

February Progress Report

I didn’t update this blog as often as I thought I would due to sickness and me realizing that I needed to take things into a different path. I want to be more open about my faith on this blog, especially with Lent coming up in a week. So after my Four Loves Friday post, the next time you’ll see me update this blog will be on Ash Wednesday.

Lent has always been a tricky thing for me, even back when I was a kid. I hated fasting because having food allergies made giving up meat every Friday even harder than it already was. And when I got older, fasting also meant eating just one meal during Ash Wednesday and Good Friday.

Lent was also emotionally grueling because it was often a time that I was spiritually and emotionally tested. Last year was bad because of a serious bout of emotional distress brought on by Pope Benedict’s resignation and the betrayal of a friend. I spent the rest of the year recovering from my friend’s betrayal.

Now that I feel that I have recovered from the trauma, I want to focus on discerning my vocation. So I will be using this blog as my Lenten journal. The posts will feature the following:

1) My 365grateful photo that will undergo a Lenten theme

2) A link to Fr. Robert Barron’s Lenten Reflections (If you don’t know who Fr. Robert Barron is, he is a priest/vlogger who creates videos that comment on current events, movies, and pop culture and talks about them through a Catholic perspective. Look him up on YouTube and then check out He is awesome!)

3) Any sort of thoughts I have about the day in general.

I am also planning on praying the Liturgy of the Hours and the Examen as part of increasing my prayers.

So what am I giving up, you ask? After giving it a lot of thought, I decided on limiting the amount of clothes I would wear for the duration of Lent.

Come back here on Friday where I reveal my favorite CS Lewis quote and go into what it means to love selflessly.