Catch-22 April Poem-A-Day Challenge Day 5

Startup Stock Photos

Startup Stock Photos

Prompt: Experience/Inexperience

Most jobs have “experience” as a requirement
People casting out lines, learning the art of enticement
But you can’t get experience without a job
Even with a degree, people have to lob
Getting a real job isn’t something we instinctively knew
No knowledge from school is enough to break through.
Do resumes really capture the full extent of our worth?
Can a cover letter give us an opportunity’s birth?
Every interview feels like a bad date
You’re expected to dress up, show up and wait.
Then they ask you questions and you put on a good face
You ask them a few questions and try to make your case
Then they say they’ll call, but the line’s always dead.
Why can’t they just say “no” outright instead?
It’s especially hard for the awkward and shy
Whose true talents lie hidden to opportunistic eyes
Or for artists who want to break out of the mold
Only to “sell out” and just do as they’re told.
Still, there is hope that a living can be made.
Just think out of the box and make up a trade.
Create the right words and phrases and the money will roll in.
It’ll just take a while, but new chances will begin.

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