I Am A Woman: A Poem



I am a woman facing uncertainty
Sometimes my best laid plains are just castles in the sky
Other times, my desires are like flowers
I learn to bloom where I’m planted

I am a woman like a tree covered with scars
I am not broken by those who caused them
Like a soda bottle, I get shaken a lot
Like a vodka martini, I never get stirred

I am a woman whose feelings stir her heart like the currents of the sea
I’m caught in their riptide, but i’m not drowning
I’m swimming for my life in an ocean of grace
More often than not, I find myself sinking

I am a woman who sinks down at the party, wearing a mask
Acting like a monster to scare people away
Sometimes I do this to see who’s left standing
Other times I do it so that they’ll leave me alone

I am a woman who feels lonely a lot
Trying to find belonging from anywhere and everywhere
Getting nowhere with my charade
Wishing for companions like how girls wish for horses

I am a woman who knows what she wants
My dreams become stories and I write them all down
Hoping that my words will resonate with others
I’m writing in the hope, in the knowledge that I am not alone

I am a woman

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