The Lady and the Lion: Advent Week 4 Poems and Stories, Day 1



For this last week of Advent, I want to share some poems and short stories that will hopefully fit with the spirit of the season.


The Lady and the Lion: A Spoken Word Poem


It started with a desire and a treacherous first step.

I journeyed across an infinite web

in search of some kind of connection.

Reaching out to the stars,

I found a lady in the constellations

Small, yet radiant; gentle, yet strong

I chased the lady across the sky

Until she ran to the side of a lion,

frightening and intimidating.

In fear of the tiger, I left the sky

Hiding away until I felt it was safe to come out

Even so, the lady and her lion followed me


The lady became like a bright shadow or reflection

While the lion returned to the sky,

She taught me to let go of my fears of uncertainty

And in doing so, I made my first connection

The lion was always out of my reach

but the lady always heard me.

Making me laugh and sending me love.

The lady and her tiger watched me

As I changed as slowly as a flower coming into bloom

As I learned how to dance in the desert

As I kept trying to fly, but kept falling and breaking

The lion came down from the sky

and caught me whenever I fell,

breathing into me as I rested.


As summer turned into fall,

The lady and her lion watched me from the sky

while I started running non-stop in hopes of flying.

The lion’s breath became my strength, my power, my faith

and soon my running became the fuel for my flight,

held up by the wings of a fiery dove.


I’ll always need the lion to catch me when I fall,

and the lady as my companion on my journey.

but I don’t need to hide in the caves anymore.

Instead, I take off to the stars every day,

acting as my guiding lights as I continue to fly.

Our lives, connected through the wind beneath my wings

Never really seeing, but always connecting

Connecting through smiles and shared wisdom

Connecting through music and shared gratitude

Connecting through words and shared love


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