Temperamental Teresa Comments on The View


Usually, when I step on my soapbox, I make a warning that I’m probably gonna sound like a word that starts with “B” and rhymes with “witch.” Well, right now, I’m not gonna step on my soapbox. Instead, I’m gonna introduce you to Temperamental Teresa who is not as sweet as I am. She has some things to say about some recent events.

Hi! I’m Teresa Delacruz! Like many Filipinos, I am a nurse. I was so happy to see a real working woman in the Miss America pageant. Finally, a woman with actual brains in a competition where the winner is usually judged on how well they look in a bikini! However, I wasn’t so happy when I heard some backlash from some women on The View.

First of all, Miss Colorado did not sound like someone reading her emails. A typical e-mail looks like this: 

etsy email

Yes, I subscribe to Etsy. A nurse has to have some hobbies.

And another thing: we nurses have our own stethoscopes. Do these ladies even watch Grey’s Anatomy? (Personally, I’m a Scrubs fan myself.) Or do they know any actual doctors? Doctor Oz doesn’t count, you know. Maybe they do watch Grey’s Anatomy, but only pay attention to the eye candy and not the actual, you know, medical stuff. 

Do they expect nurses to look like this?


I thought these ladies were feminists. Isn’t feminism supposed to be about supporting women who go beyond the norm? If anything, they should be celebrating Miss Colorado for showing that women are more than just their bodies. I mean we’re talking about the largest scholarship program for women in the United States. John Oliver says so.

Irregardless, as they say in Mean Girls, I’m gonna feel very sorry for these women. I mean they might end up in a hospital someday. And well, let’s just say not all nurses are going to be as friendly as Florence Nightingale.


But then again, that’s none of my business!

P.S.: Miss Colorado. You may not have gotten the crown, but you’re definitely a queen in the hearts of all of your fellow nurses!


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