The 30 Day Closet Challenge


I almost never back down from a challenge. I love doing photo-a-day challenges on Instagram and I do poem-a-day challenges every April. So when Leah Darrow posted about the 30 Day Closet Challenge on her website, I felt called to take it on and write about it.

The 30 Day Closet Challenge was prompted by Leah’s friend Sarah Kroger who talks about why she started the challenge on her blog. I can identify with that #firstworldproblem she tweeted of staring at an entire closet filled with clothes and still feeling like having nothing to wear. I work from home, so more often than not, I write while I’m still dressed in my pajamas. Whenever I know that I’m going out, though, I have a hard time choosing what to wear just like every other girl.

As the weather transitions from summer to fall where I live, people have to be ready for the weather to be constantly changing. As I’m typing this, it’s raining outside. It could rain like this for the rest of the day or it could get worse or it could be sunny. You never know what to expect when it’s hurricane season. So this challenge isn’t just a fashion thing for me, but an exercise in thinking ahead and making sure I’m prepared instead of constantly forgetting things like I’m prone to do.

When people think of “fasting,” it’s usually associated with food. However, this fashion challenge is another form of fasting and one that even a girl with food allergies can participate in. Other forms of fasting include fasting from social media for a certain amount of time, fasting from saying bad things, or avoiding images that are pornographic in nature. All of these different fasts are ways of redirecting our thoughts and desires towards something bigger than our urgent needs.

If you feel like you’re up for the challenge, follow Leah Darrow and Sarah Kroger on their Twitter and Instagram profiles, and use the hashtag #TheClosetChallenge in your #outfitoftheday posts. I’ll be doing the same on my Instagram. Let’s see how it goes!

Leah Darrow: Twitter, Instagram

Sarah Kroger: TwitterInstagram

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