Leading By Example: First Peter Bible Study Day 6



An excerpt:

We’ve all rolled our eyes at that passage from Ephesians about wives being subject to their husbands. We live in an age where women don’t have to depend on a man to get what they need and we can dress however we want to. So why on Earth is Peter asking wives to accept the authority of their husbands and to not adorn themselves by dressing nicely?

Take a step back and take a deep breath, ladies. It’s all a matter of context.

This passage asks women to lead by example. While we are free to dress how we want to, the evidence of our holy lives is better shown by how we act as people. True beauty, after all, is found within. Don’t worry so much about having the latest hairstyle, the trendiest accessories, or a closet filled with designer clothes. Men are definitely visual creatures, but if you ask your significant other (or a beloved family member) what they find most beautiful about you, they’re more than likely to (hopefully) say something about the way that you smile or something related to your personality.

Read the rest here.


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