Daredevil Month: Season Finale

The episode opens at Ben Urich’s funeral. Fr. Lantom is presiding as “Many Rivers to Cross” by Jimmy Cliff plays over the scene. Nobody says a word. Not Karen, not Matt, not Ben’s wife, not the head of the bulletin. This is the shortest cold open in the season. Karen speaks to Mrs. Urich who compliments her and says that Ben saw her as something like a daughter. Karen feels like it’s her fault, but Mrs. Urich assured her that she didn’t push Ben to do anything he didn’t want to do.

Fr. Lantom asks Matt how he’s handling things. Matt replies “Like a good Catholic boy,” which is apparently a bad thing. It’s clear that Matt is angry, both at Ben’s death and at himself.

Karen and Matt return to the offices and Karen laments Foggy not showing up to the funeral. Matt tells her to go home, but Karen doesn’t want to because she’s afraid of Fisk.

Vanessa and Fisk are back in their apartment. Vanessa insists on staying in spite of what happened. Later on, Fisk meets with Leland at a storage locker. He shows Lesley that there are some inconsistencies with the accounts, but Leland insists that it’s nothing. Leland is shaking and sweating. Fisk thinks that Leland killed Wesley, but Leland admits that he didn’t. Fisk puts two and two together but Leland says that he was never the target. Vanessa was. Leland says that being with Vanessa has made Fisk distracted, emotional, and erratic. He decides to leave and take half the assets because he has Detective Hoffman who will confess to the feds about everything. Fisk, of course, disagrees and the two break out into a fight. He pushes Leland down an elevator shaft and tells his henchman, Francis, to find Hoffman and put a bullet in his head.

Matt trains at his dad’s old gym, taking his frustrations out on a punching bag. Foggy comes in to talk. Matt visited Ellison, but he didn’t get much. The two of them talk about what happened in the last few episodes. Foggy says that he got Marci to help with the case, but Matt hates that Foggy got Marci involved. Foggy doesn’t want Matt to go after Fisk alone. To use the law instead. Things can’t be as they were, but there’s a chance to move forward. The two of them visit Brett for information. Two cops exit and Matt listens in on a phone call one of them is talking. Brett decides to leave town. Matt tells Foggy about what he eavesdropped on and they return to the law offices.

Matt, Karen, and Foggy look over the paperwork that Marci gave them and Matt says to look for anything leading to Lesley. Karen echoes something about enemies that Ben told her. She also finds some inconsistencies in the paperwork. Matt goes off to do his vigilante stuff in spite of Foggy being reluctant to let Matt go.

Fisk gets a call from his henchman and tells them to leave no survivors. In a run-down part of down, a bum brings food to some people who are guarding Hoffman. The police come in and shoot everyone, but just as Hoffman is about to get shot, Daredevil comes in and beats everyone off-screen. He tells Hoffman that he can fess up on Fisk and gives him a punch for good measure.

Now you might be wondering where the Stan Lee Cameo is in this season. Well, when Hoffman goes to turn himself in, you can see a picture of Stan Lee on the wall of the precinct. Matt and Foggy act as Hoffman’s lawyers as Hoffman snitches on Fisk about the money trail.

Nessun Dorma plays as the feds and good cops arrest everyone on Fisk’s payroll, from dirty cops to the people at the New York Bulletin,  the lawyers at Landman and Zack, and the senator that Fisk met at the Gala. Vanessa watches the news as Fisk tries to take damage control. The Feds come for Fisk as he gives Vanessa orders and a diamond ring. Journalists swarm in as Fisk gets taken into police custody. Matt, Foggy, and Karen toast to their victory.

Inside the FBI tank, Fisk tells the story of the Good Samaritan, but of course, takes the story entirely out of contest. He saw himself as the Good Samaritan, but now he sees himself as the men who beat up the traveler. A group of mercenaries come in to get Fisk out of Federal custody, but the Feds shoot them down. Foggy and Matt get Karen in a cab while Matt goes to be a hero. Foggy tells him to be careful. We find out that one of the feds is also on Fisk’s payroll. The mercenaries lead Fisk out. He gets inside another truck and gives orders to his men to shoot anyone who tries to follow them.

Daredevil arrives at Melvin’s who gives him his new superhero outfit.  The scene cuts to Matt with his new outfit, standing on a rooftop. Fisk goes to a garage and gets in a department store truck. Matt hears the radio. Fisk talks to Vanessa that if things go wrong to get outta town. Their love for each other is honest. Of course, the truck gets turned over when a tonfa breaks through the front window, As Fisk gets out, we see Daredevil in the red suit for the first time.


I’ll admit it. I fangirled at this moment. It looks amazing. The mercenary fires at Daredevil, but he dodges the shots, showing off his new weapons in the process. Daredevil confronts Fisk in the alley. Fisk threatens to kill Daredevil, who replies with “Take your shot. The fight in the alleyway is glorious. I can see all the action and feel every punch and kick. Wilson attacks with rebar, but Daredevil defends himself with his tonfas, which can combine into a staff. Fisk gets the upper hand, grabs the staff starts beating Daredevil with it, but Daredevil sees a weak spot and gets his second win. He beats Fisk down. Fisk chastises Daredevil for thinking he can make a difference, but Daredevil repiles with a well, landed punch. Brett comes in and finds Daredevil standing over the unconscious Fisk and Brett covers for the vigilante.

Up on the rooftop, Vanessa and Francis wait for Fisk. Francis tells her about Fisk getting caught and Vanessa puts on the ring that Fisk gave her. How the two of them will get married, I have no idea. I guess we’ll see in the second season. Brett asks Daredevil what to call him. It cuts to Karen reading the Bulletin, who gives Daredevil his name. Foggy jokes about it, but Karen loves it. Foggy places the sign Karen made on the front of the building. Foggy goes to help Marci find a job. Fisk is in jail, but trial will take a while. Karen starts to go inside, but Matt asks her about what’s going on because she still has something that makes her sound hesitant. Karen says that she still feels the loss of everyone who paid the price. Matt says that all they can do is move forward. There’s a tiny ship-tease moment between the two of them as they walk inside the office building.

Fisk is put in solitary confinement. He stares at the wall across from his bed like he did as a child. Meanwhile, Daredevil stands up on the rooftops of New York City and goes off to save the day again.

My overall review of this show will be posted on Monday. For now, I’ll say it was totally worth it!

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