Personal History: A Sestina

Origin and Rebirths: A Sestina With Chapters


I) Early Childhood

I was born in a hospital that stood by the water

In the first month of the year, on a day gray and cold

In a state known for its beautiful flowers

Being Filipino, I was given three names

Two were from women who were filled with grace

But I went by my middle name and not by my first


II) Being Different

I never thought that I was different at first

When I went to a school with a view of the water

For a while, I lived in blissfully ignorant grace

Then when I grew up, some friends turned cold

Bullies started picking on me, calling me names

Worst of all, feelings for boys started to flower


III) Out in the Desert

Later on, I moved to a desert that still had flowers

Where I fell in love with a boy who I thought was my first

Real love, truly madly deeply, I loved the sound of his name

When I learned that I would leave, the dark blue waters

Of his eyes turned icy cold

And for the first time, I had fallen out of grace


IV) Texas

In a few years, there would be a new state I would grace

A land of a thousand stars and pretty wildflowers

Where anything below 70 degrees is considered cold

I went to a college that I didn’t choose as my first

But I thirsted for knowledge like a nomad did for water

And eventually, they all knew my name.


V) Stars

I called some of my college professors by their first name

And had friends who showed me a new state of grace

I learned that with faith, you get into the water

I was swimming around and continued to flower

Priorities were having as much fun possible first

Leaving fears of the future out in the cold


VI) Growing Pains

With growing up came people with hearts icy cold

Who tried to shake up my life so I’d remember their name

Taking on the appearance of friends, I trusted them at first

And under their wrath, I once again fell from grace

They crushed me under their feet like I was a dead flower

I screamed out for help as they drowned me in the water


VII) Present Day

Swimming for my life, I left the water, cold as a winter flower

Saved by His name, His grace, and now I put Him first


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