Spring in Swing: A Sestina

Spring in Swing

(A Sestina)


Children playing on the swings

There’s a change in the way that we step

Time moves an hour forward

Baseball and shorts are coming back

We clean up the house and make a change

All the signs say that it’s finally spring


It’s not just the flowers that start to spring

Teens at the prom are dancing the swing

College kids graduate and pray for a change

Babies are learning to take the first step

Lent brings Christians to the desert and back

And Easter celebrates salvation moving forward


People of all sorts take a swing forward

Lovers enjoy the beauty of spring

Armies march on, never looking back

Baseball players practice their swing

Dancers start learning new steps

Everywhere you look, things start to change


People go to the banks and save their spare change

Saving for a time when life moves them forward

As the tax rebates come, there’s a dance in our step

Splurging on week-long breaks in the spring

Enjoying drinks on the beach and a nice hammock swing

Dreading the ride that brings us back


But in a way, spring also swings us back

Sometimes we find that there wasn’t much change

Old politicians persuade those who swing

to join with them in the movement forward

Constant rain is also a part of spring

leaving behind puddles, so watch where you step


Still, it’s nice to have a swing in our step

It’s always good to see the flowers coming back

And while it’s short, we enjoy the spring

We welcome the sunlight and embrace the change

Even at the expense of the hour forward

Making time to play on the swings


With a swing in our step, we move forward

Instead of looking back, we change with the spring.

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