His Mercy is Plentious

So ever heard of the Heart of Mary Women’s Fellowship? If you hadn’t, they’re a group of women who create free online Catholic Bible studies for women. Their topics range from Genesis to the Virtues to seasonal topics like Advent and Lent. Their current study centers on Mercy.

Oh yeah. I happen to be contributing to this particular study.

Here’s an excerpt from what I wrote today:

There’s a tendency in a lot of Christians to see two different versions of God. There’s the God of the Old Testament who’s all fire and brimstone and rules and punishment. Then there’s the God of the New Testament, who loved the world so much, He sent His only Son to save sinners. But the God of the New Testament in the same God of the Old Testament. It’s not that God changed. God never changes. It’s the perception of who God is that changed over time.

Follow the link to read the entire thing! Also, subscribe to their site because there will be more meditations from me coming!

I’ve been praying the Divine Mercy Novena for the past few days and it’s already been helping me out with a lot of things. If you haven’t gotten started on the Novena, the prayer is available on PrayMoreNovenas.com or on EWTN or you can start by simply praying the Chaplet.

Happy Easter Octave, y’all!

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