Two Poems, One Retreat.

These are two poems I wrote during my first time staffing Bayou Awakening. Think of it as a “before” and “after” of what it means to learn humility.


Like Water





Giving life yet getting nothing

I am poured out into an unknown place

Not raging

Not calm

Now flowing

A river constantly running

Like water, I am unseen

I am giving, yet I receive nothing

And I’m not sure where I’m going

I want to be still

Find the ocean of grace

But like a waterfall

I am poured out

Fading into the mist


Like Water





Giving life and receiving love

I am poured into His embrace

Not raging

Not still

But flowing

I am a waterfall

Giving all that I am in His name

Although I don’t know where I’m going

He is always with me

I flow to the ocean of His grace

Poured out

And filled with Him

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