Reintroducing Myself

It is a truth universally acknowledged that in every generation, there are many young adults growing up Catholic or learning about the Catholic Church. I am one of these young adults.


I grew up a cradle Catholic and I have no regrets about my childhood, but the way my faith grew was very similar to a bamboo plant, which takes five years before it sprouts up from the ground. Catholic School planted the seeds of my faith, but it wasn’t until I went to college that I really learned more of my faith and it wasn’t until after I finished college that I learned how to apply my faith to real life.


Growing up these days seems to be really different from how it used to be one generation ago. It’s harder to get a job, people seem to compartmentalize their lives even more, and extreme points of view tend to get more headlines and talking about than actual civilized debates. I still live at home and am looking for a steady, well-paying job, but like everyone else, I see my life as a work in progress.


I’m still learning more about what it means to be Catholic every day. I subscribe to online Bible studies, learn new prayers, pray more novenas, and keep up with the latest news on EWTN News Nightly. I’m also planning on going back to school in order to become a teacher so that I can plant seeds of my own.


But in between prayers and grad school preparations, I watch Agent Carter, Scorpion, Doctor Who, Castle, NCIS, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Sometimes, I watch movies, especially ones with memorable characters and witty dialogue like The Princess Bride and Avengers. I listen to Taylor Swift, Danielle Rose and similar artists, songs from various Broadway and off-Broadway musicals and movie musicals, and obscure bands like Ghost of the Robot. Sometimes, I dance all over my house when no one’s watching. I raid my local library and bookstores for new things to read. And like many other young adults of my generation, I take pictures and posting them onto my Instagram.


Mostly, I write. If I’m not writing, I’m thinking of what I want to write about. I write letters to God in the morning and then I pray the Examen using a journal at night. I write about what I’m grateful for. I write random thoughts onto a memo pad app on my tablet. I even write poetry. And like most writers out there, I live with the delusion that some day I could write the next bestselling novel. Except I’m actually trying to make that delusion a reality. (Did I mention that I tend to be self-depreciative?)


So this blog will cover a lot of things. There will be vocation stories that go beyond the convent and seminary, movie reviews, commentary on shows I like to watch (whether they’re currently on air or not), and some fangirling here and there. Because being Catholic and young means that faith becomes a part of everything in your life and everything in your life becomes part of your faith.

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