My Voice: A Poem

My Voice: A Poem

When I was a child, my voice sang songs of wanderlust

Wanting to go into other worlds and have adventures

Then life took an unexpected turn

And I found adventure on a West Coast dust bowl

My voice began telling stories and longing for love

Love found me, but fled just as quickly

As I journeyed onward to a land of cowboys and football

Where my voice relished in expressing itself

Singing along to music made from teenage dreams

And then a dream came true: I found a home

The seeds of childhood finally sprung to life

Under the glow of a golden sun shining over a white tent

My voice sang love songs to the shining sun

and the bright red star that shined at night

But this home was only temporary

As I left the golden sun and bright red star behind

My voice began to fade

Lost without the safety net of the dream come true

I became like a doll, with many people trying to put their voices in me

Until the Son came out on a dreary, rainy spring day

And walked with me as I healed

In dark autumn nights, my voice sang new songs

Gaining the strength of an Amazon, a warrior, a Slayer

When spring came around again, my voice found a new home

I learned to laugh and love and live again

Now I learn how to speak His voice,

Learning the melody of the Word Incarnate

Because He is the one who gave me my voice

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