My Year In Photos: March


March was the beginning of Lent. My Lenten resolution was to pray the Liturgy of the Hours and the Examen and to do a series of Lenten blog posts.

Due to a confidentiality agreement, I can’t go into detail as to what I did during the young adult retreat I staffed at, but I will talk about what I learned there. (Yes, even staff members learn things from retreats. Who knew?)

One thing I learned from staffing a retreat is that while you can have the idea of what it means to be a servant, it’s another thing to experience it altogether. I wasn’t in a lot of the pictures for the retreat, even with the staff I was assigned to. I learned that each retreat experience is different. Most of all, I learned what it really meant to empty myself so that I would be filled with God and all that he wanted to do with me.

Another thing I learned from the retreat was how to deal with disappointments. One thing people should know is that retreats are supposed to be a renewal, not a quick fix or some kind of magic event that makes everything perfect after it’s over. Disappointments are bound to come into your life one way or another…

Not to sound like a cheesy Disney movie, but disappointments and overcoming them are part of the great circle of life.

One particular Bible verse that I meditated on during the retreat was Romans 8: 18 “ I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.” There’s even a song for that.

Check my blog tomorrow when I talk about some seasonal songs that disappointed me, otherwise known as The Top 12 Least Favorite Holiday Songs!

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