Lent Day 32: Get To Know Me

Fr. Robert Barron’s Lenten Reflection echoes one of my earlier Lenten Blogs.

But thankfully, my friends gave me an interesting prompt: Post 15 random facts about yourself along with your best selfie and your worst selfie. So here goes!

  1. I am a Texan by choice, not by birth
  2. I have weird taste in music
  3. I love reading Jane Austen and books about her more than I can say
  4. I love listening to musicals and can get all the songs stuck in my head
  5. I like to knit
  6. I tend to cook the same things a lot, but I do experiment every now and then
  7. My first concert was Audrey Assad during her Fortunate Fall tour
  8. My favorite flowers are cherry blossoms, sunflowers, and roses
  9. I haven’t seen cherry blossoms in real life yet
  10. I have traveled to the Grand Canyon
  11. I went on a road trip
  12. Even though I’m 24, I still love listening to Taylor Swift
  13. I consider 13 to be my lucky number
  14. My first memory is of me climbing up a stairway of an old house
  15. I have lived on both the East and West coasts. I have yet to go North.


The selfie on the left was from a retreat. The selfie on the right is a “screenshot” of my 5 second-cameo at a news station that I interned at. 

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