Lent Day 6: Ways to Pray

Fr. Robert Barron’s Lenten reflection today gives some prayer suggestions to use for Lent as part of the tradition of prayer, fasting and almsgiving.

But here’s a question: Why do we pray?

Most Christians believe that God knows everything. Also, he’s not a genie so it’s not like if we pray, that prayer will be answered right away or even in the way we want it to happen.

Prayer is more for the person praying. It’s the best way to develop a closer relationship with God by telling Him how we feel, what we want, and maybe intercede on behalf of other people. Through prayer, people have received physical, mental, and emotional healing. It’s a form of meditation and it relieves stress. Most of all, it reminds us to be humble because we can’t solve every problem in our lives by ourselves. In times of grief, prayer is one of the few ways that can help a grieving heart that doesn’t require medication or therapy.

There are so many ways to pray. Fr. Robert Barron’s reflection offers some simple ways, but if you want a challenge, try going on a retreat.

Pope Francis is off on retreat this week. Retreats are a time that includes a lot of prayer. I highly recommend going on a retreat during this Lenten season. I did retreats during Lent back when I was in college and they were seriously awesome. This weekend, I’ll be on staff for a retreat for college students. It should be fun.

Another way to pray is to do a meditative walk. It doesn’t have to be anywhere special as long as you can be alone with God. Pray the Rosary or Litany or the start of a novena. (PS: St. Joseph’s novena starts today. If you want to pray for a job, St. Joseph is the guy to ask.)

I went on a walk today on the path around the local reservoir seen in the picture below. It was a lot of fun.



My challenge for you: Find a prayer that you’re unfamiliar with and pray it during this Lenten season.

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